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Visions, Values, and Philosophy
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Vision and Values Statement


As an educator I am in the business of teaching and learning.   I facilitate the learning of others.  I believe that teaching and learning are dynamic, interactive, life-long processes based on empowering interactions among learners.  Often, as a teacher, I find out new things about myself and those new experiences enable me to be a better teacher, therefore placing me in the position of being a learner too. My role, as an educator, is to prepare students to be effective leaders, advocates, and life-long learners.

My organization, the public educational system, is undergoing many changes regarding its role in society, in terms of the reason these institutions of secondary learning exist.  I feel the public school system exists to meet the educational needs of all students.  Its role within the community is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to meet challenges of a changing world and prepare students socially, emotionally, and academically for future endeavors.

My vision is to create an organization that is open and accessible to all students.   When discussing accessibility, I recognize that a public school is open to all students; however the access to knowledge is limited to only a few individuals.  I would like to work on meeting the needs and providing for the success of all students.   This will require that all students have access to knowledge, this process begins by acknowledging and identifying marginalized students. Once this is accomplished we as an organization need to make a concerted effort to reach out to those students through the implementation of specialized programs to support those students, so that no students are left behind.  Furthermore, it is essential that we equip these students with a voice, a voice that enables them to state their needs, desires, concerns, and beliefs.

Additionally we need to create an organization where everyone, both faculty and students, are valued and that value is visibly demonstrated.  An organization wherein varied experiences are desired and individual differences are acknowledged and embraced. These individual differences should be recognized as valued contributors to our community. Faculty will become excellent teachers, principled professionals, empathetic and well prepared advisors, outstanding scholars, and actively engaged in professional service

The role I want my organization to play in my community is as a vehicle for student success and teacher satisfaction.  The organization should be a facilitator of knowledge and producers of outstanding minds.

The characteristics I value are strength, understanding, hard work, devotion, perseverance, independence, creativity, curiosity, individuality, courage and forgiveness.  These are values that I would seek and foster in faculty members.  These are the values which I would like to instill in my students.  These are the values which should be demonstrated and supported by our school community.

My areas of interest are the investigation of equitable educational opportunities for a diverse student body, the issues of poverty and its impact on social mobility and the pursuit of postsecondary education, the system of socioeconomic stratification within elementary and secondary education and it’s reiteration within society, and the failure of educational structures to assist in leveling the social class structure of America.



People climbing books
"Only the educated are free"

Philosophy of Teaching and Learning


This is a statement regarding my philosophy of teaching and learning and the many factors and experiences which have shaped who I am as an educator and where it is I see myself in the future.

I did not realize how difficult this process would be for me to truly elaborate about what I believe in and what I stand for as an educator.  

When I first started this process I started by determining what teaching and learning is not.   I believe that teaching is an art form and contrary to popular belief, teaching is not easy and not everyone can do it.  Although teaching is an art form, it is also a science. Teaching as a science requires one to examine current educational theory and practice, in order to develop a strong philosophical framework.  A teacher loves knowledge, respects learning, and desires to contribute to today’s youth.  Teaching is an exhaustive process and requires dedication. Teaching is an extension of the teacher’s individual personality.  Learning is the ultimate goal of teaching.  Increasing the knowledge and therefore understanding.